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Nature Fixes for Kids - places to go in the summer holidays/weekends

Finding time to go for a walk in nature is hugely beneficial, especially for children. Researchers have found that time in nature can improve your child’s happiness, learning, sleep and self-esteem. The Lisbon region has plenty of places to interact with nature in awe-inspiring locations.

We have chosen 5 places that are great for adventurous children who like to explore. The waterfalls and river near Anços is a exciting place for kids. They can get quite close to the falls and watch the water plunge into the pool below.

Most children seem to love anything to do with dinosaurs, so identifying and counting dinosaur footprints near Praia Grande is perfect for interested children. See if they can follow the trail of the Theropods or the Sauropods.

A few times a year Boca da Inferno puts on a show, where large jets of water shoot up in the air. It is an impressive sight and the roar of the ocean will have kids enthralled. Even if the swells are not that impressive, Boca da Inferno is still well worth exploring.

For those with younger children, then Lagoa de Albufeira provides a wonderful alternative to the sea. It is only a 40 minutes drive from the city, yet the calm waters of the lake feel like a world away.

Finally, the cave near Portinho do Arrábida will give your child an idea of how and where prehistoric man lived, with a very special atmosphere that will live on in their memory.

The 5 Best

Cascatas de Anços

Pegadas de Dinossaurios

Boca da Inferno

Arriba Fóssil da Costa da Caparica

Lapa da Santa. Margarida

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