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Picnicking in the best of Sintra

1. LAGO AZUL (above) The old favourite. Best avoided after lunch at the weekends as it's become the spot for non-beach goers. Easy access and parking nearby.

2. MONGE (above) Picknicking near the ancient site is a wonderful experience allowing you to soak up the very special atmosphere. There is some current activity of worship in this area! It's a pleasant walk from Peninha or even from Malveria.

3. Quinta do Pisão (above) Wander around the park and chose your picnic spot - there are many to choose. The park is a well worth a visit - with a cave, kilns, stables, wells and the chance to hang out with donkeys and horses.

4. Mata Rotaria (above) A secluded spot surrounded by woodland and beautiful lilys. It's directly north of Malveira (follow the signs for Quinta da Felicidade). Not that easy to find but well worth it. Be warned - there are only two picnic tables!

5. Fonte das Pedras Irmãs (above) Off the main road (just past the turning for Peninha). There are a number of shaded picnic tables to chose. Provides a cool alternative to the beach.

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