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Our hike with Rob was the highlight of our 10 day trip to Portugal!  Our three teenage kids all voted on our last night that it was the “epic memory of the trip” and memorable it was.  We hike all over the world and hands down had the best experience with Rob.

He responded to emails in a timely fashion and picked a great spot for us. We left Lisbon on the train and were hiking overlooking some of the most incredible scenery within an hour and a half. He was knowledgeable, personable and professional.  We felt like we were walking with a really smart, nice friend.

Thanks for sharing your piece of Portugal with us.  Come visit us in Texas anytime!


Michele, Amar, Gabrielle, Asher and Talia Dave’

Plano, Texas


P.S.  We missed our dogs so he brought his along (I had told him that would be a bonus to the hike) and it certainly was.  Thanks for knowing just what our family needed!

I went to Lisbon for a week and despite the wonderful city I missed the nature. I texted Rob and shortly after he arranged a one-day trek in SintraIt was a wonderful
area. I was surprised by the short trip from the city centre and suddenly we were in beautiful peaceful nature.and contrasting experience after days in the city. Amazingly beautiful nature with rocks and a peaceful, secluded beach surrounded by rocks and with a little waterfall. Rob brings his two lovely dogs and told me a lot about the portugese nature during the walk. Afterwards, my legs hurted, I was i n a wonderful high mood and I had the energy to the rest of my trip inside Lisbon. 



Marie Gøtke, Denmark



My daughter and I were planning a trip to Portugal last spring and connected with Rob to set up a hiking day. 

He picked us up at the train station outside the city and we began our day.  Not only did he take us to beautiful scenic areas to hike and wander, we also found amazing local places to eat. We had such a nice time with him we felt like we had known him forever.  He is great company and has incredible local knowledge.   After having a wonderful day with him we promptly booked another.


Randy Fox.          Sarasota Florida

Anna Lassalle      Los Angeles California

Before we even left Perth in Western Australia, I'd booked ahead for a hike with Sintra Treks. I knew by the time we reached Sintra my 6 year old son would be desperately missing our dog, who is also his best friend. The opportunity to experience some "off the beaten track" scenery with a local - and his dog - was too good to pass up. Since it was summer, we opted for a morning walk through the forest. Our guide, Rob, knew the track we walked well. He talked about the area and showed us some historical features too. Chloe was great company - a friendly, well behaved dog at all times. Rob was also great with my son, setting a pace which suited him perfectly and taking time to show him the things a boy finds interesting. Our time with Sintra Treks remains one of the highlights of our trip. Thanks, Rob and Chloe!

Keri from Perth, Western Australia

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