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Hello and welcome to Sintra Treks.
We tend to avoid touristy places and we soon found that you really don't have to go far out of Lisbon to get off the beaten track, finding yourself amongst some stunning scenery and away from the bustle and crowds of the city.

It is hard to think of another capital city that is surrounded by so much beauty. The area around Lisbon is packed with natural wonders, many of which truly live up to the label “undiscovered” and many are a short drive from the centre of the city.

We have been exploring local trails, hidden beaches and unexplored wild spots for several years. In 2013 we founded Sintra Treks, offering guided walks all over the region and helping both locals and tourists discover the countless benefits of time spent in nature.

We decided to compile a guide of some of the most breathtaking hikes we have experienced, and now have two published books on the beaches and the trails of the Lisbon region

We live locally and are passionate about the local environment. We love what we do and get a thrill of showing people the beauty of the local area. We look forward to sharing it all with you!

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