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Prehistoric Guided Hikes

1 Arribada

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the captivating limestone cliffs of Serra da Arribada in Hike 1 of our prehistoric adventure series near Lisbon. These cliffs, adorned with ancient caves, have been a magnet for humanity for thousands of years. As you traverse the cliff trails, envision the footsteps of Neanderthals who once roamed these paths, seeking refuge in the many caves that dot the landscape.

The Figueira Brava cave, nestled between Portinho and Alpertuche beaches, unveils the secrets of Portugal's Neanderthal history. This cave, with its unique stalagmite and stalactite formation preserving rare archaeological deposits, offers a glimpse into the coastal lifestyle of these ancient inhabitants. The strategically positioned south-facing caves provided an ideal vantage point over the plains and distant seashore, offering unparalleled views that still resonate today.

Join us on a walk to the renowned Lapa da Santa Margarida cave, easily accessible from the golden sands of Portinho da Arrábida. Following the trail, you'll traverse Roman ruins, ascend towards a fort housing the Oceanographic Museum, and meander through eucalyptus-lined roads. The cave, perched above the sea, invites you into a mysterious cavern adorned with a tiny chapel and remarkable rock formations—a place where early human communities sought natural shelter.

Continue your exploration to Praia de Alpertuche. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this cove before returning, completing a journey through history, nature, and the remnants of the last Neanderthals' final refuge. Embark on this 4 to 5-hour adventure, accompanied by local experts, and unravel the prehistoric tales woven into the landscapes of Serra da Arribada.


Embark on a captivating journey through the Lousa valley, where echoes of Neanderthal and early human civilizations reverberate through time. Hike 2 of our prehistoric adventure series unfolds along a 16 km circular trail, immersing you in the significant stages of Portugal's prehistory.

As you traverse the unmarked trail, discover the Salemas cave and Pego do Diabo, both inhabited during the Palaeolithic era. These caves, once sanctuaries for Neanderthals seeking shelter and security, later became vital for Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer communities. Witness the layers of history in the Salemas cave, used in the Mousterian, Gravettian, and Solutrean periods, and the Pego do Diabo, once a den for leopards, bears, wolves, and hyenas.

The circular trail begins in Ponte de Lousa, crossing the Loures river before ascending steeply towards the hills housing Salemas cave. Keep an eye out for the hidden Anta da Toupeira dolmen, a testament to the area's spiritual significance during the Neolithic era. The trail, rich in archaeological heritage, weaves through climatic cycles and migrant settlements, offering a unique connection to the past.

Continue to the Trilho do Tufo, an ecological reserve with an enchanting old laundry area. The journey leads to the Gruta do Tufo cave, accessible and ideal for a rest before the challenging ascent from Fontelas village. As you ascend the limestone outcrop, known as Pego do Diabo, relish the panoramic views that once captivated our ancestors.

This immersive 4 to 5-hour hike promises an exploration of Portugal's ancient trails, where dolmens, caves, and the remnants of past civilizations unveil the rich tapestry of prehistory. Accompanied by local experts, delve into the mysteries of the Lousa valley and walk in the footsteps of those who shaped its storied history.


3 Sintra

Embark on a journey to the mystical Anta de Adrenunes, an ancient dolmen perched on a hill near Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe. This captivating dolmen, aligned with Europe's most westerly cape, has been a sacred site since prehistoric times, and is set in Sintra’s most beautiful forest that adds to its special atmosphere. Adrenunes stands as the only known dolmen facing west, offering a unique connection to Portugal's rich prehistoric heritage.

Ascend to the Santuário da Peninha, a natural lookout providing breathtaking views of Cabo da Roca, the Tejo river, Cascais, and the Guincho beach region. Feel the historical resonance of this sanctuary, where sailors' wives once waited and prayed for the safe return of their seafaring husbands during Portugal's golden age.

Continue your exploration to the Tholos do Monge, a collective tomb from the Chalcolithic period, repurposed during the Bronze Age. Marvel at its north-facing position, strategically nestled in the granite, and appreciate the recent excavations that unveil its ancient mysteries.

For an immersive experience, embark on the circular walk starting at Santuário da Peninha. Traverse a forested trail, to the Adrenunes boulder field, offering a glimpse into the dolmen's ancient presence. Journey back via Sintra's iconic spot, the Pedras Irmãs (the Sister’s Rocks), completing a captivating exploration of this unique dolmen and the scenic wonders that surround it.

Join us on this 3 to 4-hour adventure, guided by local experts, as we unravel the mysteries of Anta de Adrenunes and delve into the ancient tales etched into the landscapes of Cabo da Roca and Sintra.


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