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Nature Fix for Kids

Amid mounting evidence that children aren't getting outdoors enough; not having the freedom to play in nature; spending too much time in front of a device or watching TV. It's becoming increasingly clear that kids need wild spaces. We have decided to do something about it and have been providing walks to the natural wonders of the Lisbon region - choosing walks from our recently published book with Bertrand - Além Lisboa - Caminhadas / Beyond Lisbon - hiking Guide.

So far, we have walked to wild beaches, hidden caves, magical waterfalls and done the Mula bridge walk!

Usually, there are between 10 to 15 kids each walk (including my son!) that are a mix of nationalities with the lingua franca being English. Ages have been a lovely mix - from 4 to 14. Some kids prefer to walk with their parents, some kids make new friends and some kids like to walk on their own :)

Check out this lovely little video of one of our walks:

I am a teacher, hiking guide and dad and I take groups hiking every Sunday and Monday. I feel very passionate about 'Nature Fix for Kids' and I hope you will join us as I reckon we all need to put down our devices and get outside!

Please spread the word.

Thanks and best wishes,

Rob Butler

All future hikes will be advertised on Facebook and on my website:

Please feel free to email me:

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