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Nature Fix for Families - 7.11.21

Too much time indoors has increased dramatically since this unwelcome pandemic and enforced lockdowns, especially for children. It has become so extreme that many kids have spent very little time in nature and most of it indoors. On average, children were spending 4 to 5 hours a day in front of a screen even before online schooling was a reality! If we are not careful this will become a crisis for the younger generation who now have a disconnect with nature. This crisis has a name: Nature deficit disorder.

Fortunately, you really don’t have to go far out of Lisbon to find yourself in the wilderness and these walks around Penedo are perfect for those who want to avoid their mobile phone and their 'to do' lists for a few hours. It has a number of unmarked trails that provide the perfect escape from the sun and the crowds. Penedo is a picturesque village that has wonderful views of the countryside and surrounding coast. It is also the perfect place to head into the forest and reconnect with nature.

Meeting point: Largo da Capela 15, 2705-265 Penedo, Colares

WhatsApp: 96 496 5334 for Pin drop

Time: 9.30am

Hike duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 5€ per person

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