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Off the beaten path - Sintra's hidden gems: 3 Dinosaur footprints - Praia Grande

Once apon a time, millions and millions of living things died to form this limestone... Then, a mere 120 million years ago, huge dinosaurs had a wee stroll on it and left these footprints, which were then covered by millions of years' worth of sediment.

Suddenly, the floor was shoved up vertically by brutal hidden tectonic forces. This exposed the surface to the elements, which eroded the sediment to expose the footprints!!!

This trail of dinosaur footprints is believed to be from the Iguanodon - who kindly allowed me take their picture - as you can see above!

There are over 60 footprints on this slab alone. Head to the south side of Praia Grande to see them from the newly restored steps. There is a signpost pointing you to the steps leading to them on the Almoçageme road. Follow it to prevent the stress of finding a parking space and enjoy a pleasant 10 minute walk!

Walk 10: Praia da Adraga - Azenhas do Mar - Praia da Adraga

Spectacular coastal walk via Praia Grande and Praia da Maças. Duration: Minimum 3 hours - fine choice of picnic spots or excellent seafood restaurant Level: Challenging

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