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We generally go walking once or twice a week. We tend to avoid Sundays as there are a lot of motorbikes or mountain biking going on! 


Get in contact and we'll be more than happy to customise your walk.

Treks from Malveira/Azoia/Peninha

June, 2015

Malveira is the hub of so many wonderful walks. It really is a walkers' paradise all year round.


You can choose to walk through thick shaded forests to Peninha chapel and enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic ocean or walk to the dolmens of Monge of Adrunnes via beautiful forests and boulder fields.


There are also a number of wonderful trails going down to the cliffs towards Praia Abano or Porto Touro.



Treks from São Pedro de Penaferrim/Sintra


These walks incorporate Sintra's main attractions, namely the Castle and Pena Palace. Starting from Sao Pedro allows the walker to avoid the crowds and walk the ancient trails to see the best of Sintra.


Walks from Sintra take the walker off the beaten track and explore what the usual tourist never gets to see. 


Our trails avoid the roads and traffic that so many day-trippers have to contend with.

Treks from Penedo/Colares

June 2015

Another hub of many walks that either trail through rare indigenous forests near Penedo or lead to the coastal towns and stunning beaches of Praia das Maçãs or Azenhas do Mar.

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Coastal walks

Sintra Coast

The cliffs walks of Serra de Sinta are truely spectacular and are good for walking all year round. We provide guided walks via the best trails allowing you to visit the beaches most people only see from afar.  

Forest walks

The forest trails offer the walker the best of Sintra with much of its history and wildlife waiting to be discovered. We often have the hills to ourselves on such treks as few walkers are aware of the number of trails on offer.

Walking with dogs (yours, ours or borrowed)

Dogs waiting for adoption at NAAAS

Especially for those dog lovers out there!


An opportunity to go walking with man's best friend. NAAAS has many dogs that would love to come on a Sintra Trek. Why not book a walk in advance and we will happily arrange for you a walking partner!

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If you like to walk in large groups or follow a rented a GPS then we are not for you. The idea behind Sintra Treks is for you to fully enjoy the walk and take it all in a relaxed fashion.


The walks can be adapted to most fitness levels and are usually 2/3 hours with a choice of picnic spots or tried and tested restaurants. We have many pictures of the walks on our facebook page.  



Sintra Treks is currently a non-profit organisation. Walkers are encouraged to give a donation to NAAAS. Please see their website or Facebook page to see how far a donation will go. We usually see each individual give a minimum of ten euros. As we are not registered as a business we do not provide insurance cover.



Bring sun screen, a hat, good walking shoes/boots, a camera, a snack and some water. A jacket is useful even in summer - the Serra is one big condensation barrier - it may be boiling at the beaches but it can be much cooler in the hills! 



We've had history buffs, bird watchers, mushroom enthusiasts, dog lovers and those who were clearly coming along for the lunch! Let us know and we'll do our best to accommdate you.

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