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Hiking Therapy - hosted by Sintra Treks


Study results have shown that a walk in nature seems to be enough to improve your health and mood changes. Nature positively affects people’s mental, spiritual and physical health. Our walks do not involve hiking in the traditional sense. It is an opportunity to experience contact with nature in a much deeper way - helping to deal with the fatigue or stress of our modern lives. Such therapy has proven to reduce symptoms of depression, diabetes, pain and migraines. The restorative effects of nature are now being prescribed by doctors in many countries.


Fortunately, you really don’t have to go far out of Lisbon to find yourself in the wilderness and these walks are perfect for those who want to avoid their mobile phone and their 'to do' lists for a few hours. These adventurous circular walks are unsigned and unmarked and are definitely off the beaten track. They soon leave the crowds and artificial noise behind and take you home to nature. They require a little effort to follow but are well worth it.


Our sessions will be typically 3 to 4 hours and will be no more than 7km in distance. The guide facilitates the reconnection with nature by choosing an ancient unmarked trail and stopping at three locations - all of which are known to have a particular energy source. Each stop involves an activity that is designed to slow people down - techniques that they can be used by the participants in the future. The guide will encourage the walkers to reflect on and share experiences of the session.



The hike requires a good level of physical fitness and includes a published guide and insurance.


Meeting point: Cabo da Roca


Available: Every Monday 10am 

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